Ready for move in


2783 66th Ave
Lawton MI 49065

Expected Completion Date:
Ready for Move In!

I have been waiting for this day ~  the house is ready for move in.  The carpet is all in, the garage floor painted, all the appliances are in, the knobs and pulls are on the cabinets,  and many other details have been cared for.    I have visualized this house in my mind for over a year, and now it is really here.  I have wanted for a long time to build a home that would not only be beautiful and unique but that would also help people.  This home is the answer to so many “what if’s”. ( Like “what if my grandma who uses a walker wants to come and visit me” or “what if someday I need to use a wheelchair” or “what if I don’t want to move out of my house when I am older”.)

This home also offers incredible functionality.  Every detail of the house was carefully designed with a purpose.  The color choices and lighting are optimal for even those with visual impairments.  The floor plan affords accessibility and spaciousness.  There are  storage spaces and convenient closets strategically placed throughout the house.  Even the garage has a closet!  You will never feel cramped in this 3 bedroom home and you will never have to move.

I would love to show you all the other special details about this home.  Get in touch with me and we will schedule something.

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by: Scott

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  • 01/15/2010

    4:26 pm

    Noah Hazen says:

    Yes, there is a true function to this house, judging from the several photo oppurtunistic views of this home, this is surely a home for all ages.

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