Hidden Jewels


2783 66th Ave
Lawton MI 49065

Expected Completion Date:
Ready for Move In!

Wow!  The kitchen is out of this world now that all the crown molding and the appliances are in.  The dishwasher is cool!  It has stainless steel interior so it won’t stain.  And the fridge is off the hook.  It is a side by side with pull out shelves and a cool frozen pizza spot by the ice maker.  The in the door water is the best I have ever tasted.  The carpeting is laid in all the bedrooms and will be in the livingroom this week.  Scott painted the garage floor too which is really cool.  I think we will camp out there in the next couple of weekends.  Sierra is dying to try out the jacuzzi tubs and I can’t wait to be able to take a super long, hot shower with the endless water heater.  We also talked to a relator this weekend to get her input.

You must come see this house.  It has so many cool things I cant even talk about them all.  Every detail was put there with a purpose in mind.  Scott was thoughtful about the “what if’s” that people may encounter in their life like “what if my mom needs to be cared for” or “what if we need to have a wheelchair used in here” or “what if I have poor vision”.  There are all sorts of hidden jewels in the design of this house.  Come out and see for yourself.

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by: Stacy

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