House by Scott Wolfe Builders

Moving right along


2783 66th Ave
Lawton MI 49065

Expected Completion Date:
Ready for Move In!

With the crown molding on the kitchen cabinets and the drawer/shelf configuration complete, you can really see the project coming together.  The custom cabinets, all designed with accessibility and easy future modification in mind, are just one of the showcases of this house.  The drawer pulls and cabinet knobs will be ordered this week.

The cabinet builder, Curt Wolfe, has added a few special features of his own that make this a must see kitchen that every woman will LOVE.

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by: Stacy

2 Comments on “Moving right along”

  • 11/5/2009

    4:50 am

    Benn says:

    Dude, Stacy congratulations! What an excellent first post.

  • 12/6/2009

    9:37 pm

    Stacy says:

    Dude! What are you doing on this website at 4:50 am?!!!!! I am glad you are working on this for us Benn. You have done an awesome job!

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